Magellan eXplorist 210 Waterproof Hiking GPS


List Price: $199.99

Product Details

  • Compact 14 channel WAAS GPS receiver with rugged, outdoor-sports design
  • 22 MB available memory for downloading optional MapSend maps and digital content
  • Includes Magellan Geocache Manager software

Product Description

The Magellan eXplorist 210 from Thales expanding on the popular line of Magellan GPS handhelds, the eXplorist 210 brings map expansion capabilities to the entry-level range of eXplorists with its high-speed USB data port. The Magellan eXplorist 210 is the only GPS handheld in its price range to offer users the ability to download and store up to 22 MB of maps from compatible software. The new Magellan eXplorist 210 proves that powerful GPS navigation does not have to be expensive. A large 2.3” grayscale display, precise three-meter positioning, high functionality, and a shockproof and water resistant case combine with simple handling to make the compact GPS an indispensable navigation companion for all outdoor activities, from mountain sports and backpacking to cycling, hunting, and fishing. Product Description The Magellan eXplorist 210 proves that powerful and reliable GPS navigation can be affordable. With a compact, shockproof and water resistant design, this baby is built to withstand whatever the back country can throw at it. At a mere 6.1 ounces, and with the ability to download and store up to 22 megabytes of maps while providing precise three-meter positioning, this pocket-sized 14-channel WAAS GPS receiver is an outdoors enthusiast's dream.

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The Magellan eXplorist 210 delivers GPS navigation in a rugged, handheld device. View larger.
If you have a passion for the outdoors, there's no reason you need to be a GPS expert to be able to take advantage of GPS tracking capabilities. The eXplorist 210 features Magellan's easy-to-use operating system, so you can concentrate on your activities without compromising your safety. When you connect the unit to your PC, the folders on the eXplorist 210 can be accessed just like any drive on your computer, and from there you access the information as you would a folder on your own computer. In other words, if you know how to navigate your PC, you'll feel right at home with the eXplorist 210.

The unit offers 32 MB of memory, which includes 10 MB taken up by the basemap of major highways, airports, interstates, parks, rivers and lakes across North America. The remaining 22 MB is reserved for you to download and store Magellan MapSend programs and maps, or specific waypoints, routes and tracks for your next excursion. A USB PC cable is included, which will allow you to perform software updates, as well as download additional maps. This convenient feature allows you to download exactly the maps and data that you need for your excursion. If you're hiking a section of the Grand Tetons, you'll want to have the area's hiking trails, ranger stations, and elevation contours at your disposal. The eXplorist 210 lets you fine tune the data that you'll need for your trip.

And don't let its compact size fool you. This handheld -- at a mere 2.2 x 4.75 x 1.3-inches (W x H x D) -- will let you create and store up to 190,000 personal points of interest and waypoints, 150 files with 20 routes each, and 150 track logs with 2,000 points each. The included Magellan MapSend Software DVD will help to optimize and manage your data and keep track of updates to new versions of MapSend maps. In other words, Magellan couldn't have made it much easier than this.

The eXplorist runs on two AA batteries that last up to 17 hours. A large, 2.3-inch grayscale, backlit display features an amber glow that makes it easy to read at night. Other features include a vertical profile, a celestial table, and a best-fish and hunt-time calculator. The eXplorist 210 comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
Magellan eXplorist 210, user's manual, quick start guide, and PC interface cable.

Customer Reviews

Good Value PC Compatible GPS, Scratchable Display Plastic
I have not had this device long, but we did spend a day geocaching with it. It performs very well.I chose this model because I wanted a GPS unit that I could access with my PC through USB and this seems to work very well. Included is a small application that will convert .loc waypoint location files to the .gs files that this unit uses.When I plug the USB cable into the unit and then into my USB hub and power up the GPS unit, it appears as drive H:/ and I can move/rename/copy/etc. the files in the GPS unit without having to use the GPS interface, which is a time saver.It has a nice readable map that can be zoomed out to see the whole planet, or zoomed in to a 100ft scale. It recognizes primary roads and highways in my town and knows the name of the lake I live near. Apparently I can also purchase and download custom maps from mapsend, but I haven't tried that yet.Without even reading the manual, just by fiddling with the gizmo, we...
A Low Cost GPS with USB Connectivity

Excellent Geocaching GPS
I bought the explorist 210 primarily for Geocaching. I have had it for a month now and it works very well for Geocaching, and the included Geocaching software is easy to use. You can download .loc files from and open them directly into the Geocaching software which is a big time saver. I manually copy over the hints since they don't come as part of the .loc file so I can geocache without paper copies of the cache details.I wanted a unit that was accurate but not so costly I would be afraid to let my kids use it. The 210 fits the bill perfectly. I let my kids direct us to the geocache and get the thrill of finding the cache. My six year old can even read the screen and point which way to go.The unit is dead on accurate with WAAS and I can usually get 10-12 satellites of reception. I even get 3 to 4 satellites indoors. I am usually never more than 10 feet from a cache when the unit says I have arrived.Most of the other Magellan...

Magellan GPS 2000 Satellite Navigator Instructional Video (VHS Videocassette). Magellan Part Number 00-69011-000 in original slipcase

Magellan Systems Corporation

Product Description

This 20 minute step-by-step video walks you through the key features of the GPS 2000 and gets you up and running gin no time. Learn everything you need to know to begin using your satellite navigator, from installing the batteries to entering in a multi-leg route.

Lexerd - Magellan Triton 1500 2000 TrueVue Crystal Clear GPS Screen Protector


Price: $9.95

Product Details

  • Not Interfere with Touch screen Technology
  • Crystal Clear
  • Heat, Water Resistance, Against Scratches and Shields Damage

Product Description

The Lexerd TrueVue™ is created from an ultra-clear film that is exclusive to Lexerd for covering consumer electronics. Transparent and amazingly thin, the TrueVue is designed to precisely match the contours of every device, providing unbeatable scratch protection. Lexerd TrueVue utilizes the latest LCD screen protection technology that will keep gadgets looking great.

- Keep your device crystal clear with the exclusive professional grade film, only available with Lexerd
- Scratch-proof - you can show off your gadget and use it without fear of scratching
- The ultra-thin film is only 0.2 mm thick and will not add bulk to your device. So you can still slip it into charging docks and handbags
- Lexerd' s latest technology It allows the TrueVue to create precise, custom designs that hug the curves of your electronics
- TrueVue is guaranteed to preserve original color tones

Package contents:
One each of the following items: screen protector, instruction manual, lint free cloth, finger cots (to protect optical surfaces during handling)

Magellan GPS 2000 Satellite Navigator User Guide

Magellan Systems Corporation

Price: $14.95

Magellan Triton 2000 Waterproof Hiking GPS (Electronics)

Immediately noticed that the documentation was a bit sparse, so I went to the Magellan site, registered the product and downloaded the most recent 66-page manual in. PDF format and sat down with a cup of coffee, GPS in hand, and proceeded to read... Still I wasn't going to be deterred, so I installed the CD and its programs on my PC, and then hooked up the GPS with the supplied USB data cable, a device that was quickly recognized by the PC. Updated the supplied VantagePoint software and the......


Magellan Gps 2000 Manual - Best Bookshelf

The GPS manual, principles and applications
275 pages
The GPS manual, principles and applications

Creator: Steve Dye, Frank Baylin | Reference - 1997

principles and applications Steve Dye, Frank Baylin. Figure 8-49a. The Magellan GPS-2000 Receiver. (Courtesy of Magellan Systems Corporation) Figure 8-51. Magellan GPS-2000 and GPS-4000 and Trailblazer XL -. Figure 8-49b.
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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LIVING// TECH / DRIVE TIME » Let a GPS Be Your Trail Guide Touch screens make them easier to use, and a no-frills model ... The MAGELLAN TRITON 2000 ( $500) isn't as easy to use as the Oregon 400t, but it has more features, including a ...
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GPS — Global Positioning System — is a spectacular peace dividend. ... The new handheld units can guide you back to camp in nasty weather, provide a rough estimate of your elevation and ... I tested two units — the Magellan GPS 2000, ...
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All of the GPS's provide flight-planning capabilities and permit editing, inserting and deleting of legs. ... Oddly, the Magellan manual does not have an index, so finding specific information requires carefully studying the table of ... one time $100 one time $125 $119 $150 S250 quarterly $249 per year $675 annually $242 four in two years User waypgints 500 2000 100 1000 500 Trip Plans 20 reversible Z0 ...
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Now we'll give you a Magellan GPS 2000TM Satellite Navigator with the purchase of a new Honda FourTrax 300 4x4 ... For your safety, read your owner's manual. ... Magellan GPS 2000 is a trademark of the Magellan Systems Corporation.